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Many people mistake Sydney to be the capital of Australia as it is such a popular holiday destination for many Brits. With many airlines operating flights to Sydney from all major airports in the United Kingdom. Qantas is the national airline of Australia and now owns a fleet of Airbus A380s offering direct flights to Australia from London Heathrow. These flights are always booked well advance. Sydney is located on the West Coast of Australia and is known for many famous sites including the iconic Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and many more. Now it is even easier for you to book flights to Sydney through the internet to get the best deal. On average it is approximately 20 hours flight from the UK with many carriers stopping half way to refuel and give you a little break. Many Brits have migrated to Australia with many referring to it as Oz. Australia has a number of major cities although they are far apart. With many world airlines operating flights to Sydney and the rest of Australia it has become so much easier to get a fantastic deal. With an all year round warm to hot temperature, and a laid back lifestyle, no wonder it has become a destination of choice. Australia is fast becoming a roaming ground especially with students who tend to take a gap year to explore the country with many starting with Sydney. With flights to Sydney becoming easier and easier to book, many more airlines are offering flights; it is becoming cheaper and cheaper to visit the land of Down Under. Probably the best and most convenient way to arrange your holiday to Australia is via the internet and most websites offer best deals. It is normally best to book your hotels and hostels separately as it is cheaper and you also get a better variety. By doing it this way, you get to see a broader and vibrant Australia. Tourism in Australia is such a vital part of the economy especially hostels for students, the people of Australia are routinely rated as the most warmest people and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Return flights to Sydney tend to cost around the £700 mark if you book early enough and sometimes even cheaper with airlines offering special deals. Australia is known famously for Ayres Rock, a world heritage site and more importantly a spiritual site for Aborigni’s. Aborigni’s are the native people of Australia and most people book flights to Sydney to go onto a tour of Australia with many visiting the Aboriginal grounds. Many sites have been renamed to their original Aboriginal names.
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