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Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Las Vegas has always been a popular destination not only for tourists from the UK but from around the world. Las Vegas is situated in Nevada and is approximately 12-14 hours with a direct cheap flights to Las Vegas from all major airports in the UK.

With many major airlines leaving from London Heathrow as well as London Gatwick and Manchester International, it is now so much easier getting a flight to Las Vegas. Sometimes it is best to book hotels separate instead of package deal as it is cheaper. Most airlines operate a flight a day to the US and you can transfer from all major US airports to Las Vegas as well.

Las Vegas in the heart of the State of Nevada and temperatures tend to remain stable through the year with an all year round temperature of 30C. It is not far from Los Angeles with only a couple of hours drive difference. You can book flights to Las Vegas with a fly drive option.

Las Vegas is predominately known for one thing and one thing only, gambling with many of the world’s largest casinos within a couple of square miles. From the MGM Grand to the Belagio just to name a few, more and more world class casino’s have sprouted through years. When you book your flights to Las Vegas, most operators tend to offer great accomodation deals.

You can always catch a great show in any of the major casinos and hotels with many world class entertainers singing and dancing the night away. Las Vegas most commonly known as Vegas became very famous in the 1960s when many of the Swing stars began doing shows, The Rat Pack, Frank Sinatra to name a few. It is so easy to book flights to Las Vegas that it has become a regular haunt with many UK tourists.

Las Vegas is not only known for gambling but it has become a destination for many people organising a Stag or Hen holiday. There are so many activities to do, too many to list. You can get a taste of all cuisines from Chinese to Mexican, so there is something for anyone!Find cheap flights here.

London Heathrow is probably the best airport to catch a flight to Las Vegas due to the vast number of airlines operating from there which in turn means you the consumer can get a fantastic deal due to the high level of competition. All of the major American carriers operate daily flights to Las Vegas.

Weather in Las Vegas as at Thu, 03 Jan 2019 09:00 AM PST is 3 degrees Celsius and Sunny. Humidity is 33%. Wind is 5mph WNW. Sunrise 6:52 am, sunset 4:39 pm.

London: Sunrise 6:52 am, Sunset 4:39 pm
Weather in London: Sunny (currently 3 degC; low -3; high 9)
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