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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and has fast become a destination of choice for many tourists from the UK. Many airlines operate flights to Bangkok and Thai Air is the national airline of Thailand. Thailand is situated between India and China and its cuisine has become world famous with many chefs from across the world making a trip to learn how to cook authentic Thai cuisine.

Bangkok has been used as a movie set for many famous films, recently the movie Hangover 2 was filmed in the city that never sleeps. You can get flights to Bangkok to see all its glorious wonder in person from all major UK airports. Bangkok is known for its adventurous nightlife, its glitzy bars and hotels as well as its darker side. You can explore the shopping bazaars during the day and dance the night away. Buddaism is the predominant religion in Thailand with many temples scattered throughout not only the capital but across the whole country.

Many tourists flock to Bangkok to immerse themselves in the rich Thai culture, taste the freshly cooked market stall food, enjoy a cheeky beverage most famously Tiger beer which is just a few pennies when compared to the hefty prices in the UK. It is now so much easier and convenient in booking flights to Bangkok via the internet and I recently booked mine from a comparison website to get the best deal.

So is it easier and cheaper to book a package deal or should you book separate flights and hotels? It all depends on what you want when visiting Bangkok.

There are many package deals offering an all inclusive package which for some may be ideal, however if you are like me then you want to experience the whole Thai experience and the best way to do this is to book your flights to Bangkok and then book your own hotels or hostels as you prefer. This way you get to adventure out into the city, taste the spices in the air, hear the bustle of the city that never sleeps, feel the vibrance for which it is famously known.

So where is it best to fly from in the UK? Probably the best place to fly from is London Heathrow as there are more airlines offering flights to Bangkok. So why from London? Well it is normally substantially cheaper than most other UK airports due to the high competition. Bangkok is a loud and proud place to be and at the same time you have to be careful and cautious to enjoy the complete Bangkok experience. So do your research and enjoy!
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